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Machine Tool Monitoring Device Adjusts Machining Processes

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Machine Tool Monitoring Device Adjusts Machining Processes

Komet of America's Brinkhaus ToolScope independently monitors machine processes and can make adjustments for optimal performance. The monitoring system is said to reduce machine downtime and scrap rates while improving manufacturing and delivery times to customers.

The device can be used to adjust and optimize processes in addition to monitoring. With its advanced adaptive control (AC) module, variables can be controlled by adjusting the process speed. Control can also be targeted to specific events, such as the detection of swarf jamming during drilling or of chatter vibration. In the case of special applications, manual regulation is also possible.

With its statistical process control (SPC) module, the system quickly learns from a process and identifies the optimum tolerance bands, which can then be adjusted to the production process. Even slight variations or disturbances in a process, such as cavities in a material, can be detected in advance of tool breakage. The SPC is self-taught and requires no manual adjustment, and can be run in conjunction with a process control system.

The ToolScope connects directly to a CNC machine, detecting, recording and analyzing data from machine runs to find the peak running parameters for machining operations. It features informative indicators, automatic configuration and a memory capacity of one to 10 months, depending on the rate of sensor data. Process logs and graphs are automatically documented and can be stored in .png, .xls or PDF formats, and the oscilloscope function enables online visualization of the process in real time. According to the company, the system offers complete process transparency and review faults that occurred in previous runs, even ones from months ago. 

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