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When you get the best POLLEN tools, you can be assured that you’re getting a model that will last and offer all of the features you need. We are constantly analyzing applications, materials and markets. Our engineers optimize and develop perfectly fitting products on this basis- without losing sight of the individual needs of our customers.


We are focused on the quality of our people, our products, and our processes. 



Our company culture is based on trust in each other, built on honest and transparent communication, consistent processes, and fair collaboration.


We acknowledge our responsibility for results and resources, and for our decisions. Our commitment exceeds the expectations of our customers and colleagues.


We offer the ideal tool for every use. You concentrate on your project; the right grinding tool for your task comes from POLLEN.


When you use POLLEN tools, you will be convinced of our product quality, and we guarantee the quality and productivity of all our products.

The Processing of Production

When we get an order from our customer, it is our standard procedure to give our loyal customer one production processing table including material name and lead time, total assembling time and loading schedule within 1-2days.

Online Production

We will keep you updated on the production, how, when and what time. You can check the production from the live videos and photos at any time as you were in the factory there.

Test Report before Loading

We will send you test reports and test videos before loading for your check. We will assure you that the products are in accordance with your requirements.

After Sales Assistance

If you should not be satisfied with the POLLEN tool’s quality or performance, your local specialist retailer will replace it, or you can have your money back. 

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