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  • POLLEN cutting disc

    Main Description: 1)No need to change wheels even for different materials. 2)With sharper and smaller resistance. 3) The cutting efficiency of this cutting disc has been improved by one or two times and its durablity is 3 or 4 times longer than the ordinary one.

  • Spring Morning

    Spring MorningThis spring morning in bed I’m lying,Not to awake till the birds are crying.After one night of wind and showers,How many are the fallen flowers?

  • Global Cutting Abrasive Disc Market 2020 – 2025 By Type, Component, Industry, Region

    Global Cutting Abrasive Disc Market 2020 – 2025 By Type, Component, Industry, RegionThe Global Cutting Abrasive Disc Market research report is specially offered for the regional and local markets. The report also contains comprehensive competitive landscape analysis, growth trends, and key regions e

  • Why Persian Rugs Are So Expensive

    Narrator: Hand-woven with the finest materials including wool and silk, a single Persian rug can often take years and sometimes decades to create. A high-quality Iranian carpet can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with antique rugs fetching even higher prices. So, how are Persian rugs made

  • What are the customs of celebrating the New Year?

    One of the world's oldest shared traditions,New Year's celebrations take many forms,but most cultures have one thing in common--Letting one's hair down after a long,hard year.For much of the globe,this involoves sipping bubbly with friends until the sun comes up

  • 2020 Christmas Message from the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

    People extending a helping hand to neighbors and strangers;Frontline workers giving their all;Scientists developing vaccines in record time;Countries making new commitments to prevent climate catastrophe.

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